1. 1. an elegant girl with a mischievous, boyish charm.

As we move into 2020, I believe we all see the world a lot differently, it has changed. As a result, our business and brand needs to change with it.

We see the future and sustainability of our business needing to not only reflect, but truly hero a beautiful but high quality, long lasting product.

To move from statements to staples. Less fast fashion and more slow fashion. From wearing our pieces once a week to wearing everyday. From constant collections to just core. A focus on quality over quantity, refinement in everything we do to create modern, essential pieces for your everyday.

To truly represent this new way of business and product offering, we feel it is only right for our name and brand to also reflect. From our current brand Monday Merchant, we’d like to introduce a new word into your vocabulary. Gamine Jewellery.

With this, we are redefining jewellery essentials, creating quality, modern pieces for your everyday.

In the coming weeks, we'll be slowly reducing our current product range, in the preparation for a new core range that reflects our new mission and brand.